What Is Micro-Pigmentation?

Enhancing & transforming lives through colour!

Micro-Pigmentation is a revolutionary, advanced form of tattooing. It is a highly skilled, precision procedure in which small amounts of pharmaceutical grade, hypo-allergenic pigments are carefully and precisely implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin using specially designed equipment.

The specialised implantation methods and pigments used within micro-pigmentation differ greatly from that of conventional tattooing. This method does not have the same permanency as conventional tattoos, hence why the technique is also referred to as a ‘semi-permanent’ tattooing. These specialised techniques are also, otherwise known as, Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup (PMU), Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPM or SPMU), Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing, Medical Micro-Pigmention and Dermal Graphics.

Due to this delicate implantation positioning within the skin, the pigments used break down, fade and diminish over time. It is important that this fading process occurs, as over time the face / body shape and structure will change significantly due to the natural ageing process. An eyebrow shape and positioning that once suited a client within their 20’s would not then be so suitable for that client within their 70’s.

This ingenious method of tattooing teamed with the vast array of beautiful pigment choices has many uses. Cosmetically, it can be used to enhance natural beauty with subtle, natural looking enhancements for the Eyebrows, Lips and Eyes. Medically it can be used to address a multitude of inhibiting medical concerns, such as hair loss, skin pigmentation imperfections, scar camouflage, and nipple-areola complex restoration and re-pigmentation following reconstructive surgery.