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Nowadays, you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t have at least one tattoo; those without are largely in the minority. As tattoos have become more and more commonplace, the number of tattoo procedures being carried out has increased rapidly in response to this growing trend. In response, the number of tattoo removal Winchester cases has also steadily increased.

Here at Clinique Allure, our Winchester tattoo removal experts provide the very best non-laser tattoo removal service. Selecting a tattoo can be an agonising decision. If you’re not 100% settled on the idea, it’s a decision that you may regret later on. With the help of our specialists, you won’t be saddled with unwanted tattoos for the rest of your life.

In fact, we provide two popular types of tattoo removal – E-Raze Rejuvi and Salt and Saline removal. These highly effective treatment methods are ideal for those who wish to remove their unwanted ink. They are also ideally suited to fading and removing semi-permanent cosmetics too. The exact number of treatments required will be determined by a number of factors including:


  • Tattoo Removal WinchesterTattoo condition
  • Ink/ pigment type
  • Implantation method
  • Depth and density of the residual ink
  • Client’s skin type


Information regarding number of treatments will be discussed with you at your consultation. To learn more, give our tattoo removal Winchester a team a call or continue reading below.



Before we can move forward with any tattoo removal in Winchester, we first start by offering a full consultation service. This will give us the opportunity to determine your suitability for treatment and carry out product patch testing. We will also provide you with a medical history questionnaire and discuss in more detail your particular requirements and expectations.

Based on our consultation, we will suggest one of the following treatments and devise a treatment schedule that is right for you.


E-Raze Rejuvi Removal

E-Raze Rejuvi Removal is a unique non-surgical method of ink extraction that is a far safer alternative to conventional laser treatments. It works by introducing an extraction formula into the unwanted ink which then binds to the fragmented particles. These particles are then ejected immediately as well as gradually over time taking the unwanted ink with them.

Unlike laser treatments, with this method of tattoo removal Winchester patients will experience a minimal risk of scarring. E-Raze Rejuvi is substantially less painful too and requires fewer treatments with a maximum commitment of up to two years. Hair growth will be unaffected, and this procedure will work on all ink colours.

Patients should be advised that this method of Winchester tattoo removal will require multiple sessions. After each session, patients will experience a crust like scab which will remain for up to two weeks. This must be kept dry and intact to avoid infection and scarring. A recovery time of 8-12 weeks is required between treatments.


Salt and Saline Removal

Tattoo Removal WinchesterAs the best choice for tattoo removal in Winchester, the team at Clinique Allure also offer the incredible Salt and Saline Removal procedure. This procedure is most commonly used for semi-permanent cosmetics, though it can also be used for tattoos too. The procedure utilises a sodium chloride solution which is injected into the unwanted ink. There, a process known as osmosis occurs drawing the fragmented ink particles out of the skin.

This method of tattoo removal in Winchester is suitable for all skin types and is a completely natural technique that involves a minimal risk of scarring. Hair growth won’t be affected, and this technique is suitable for amateur and professional grade tattoos. Multiple treatments will be required, and patients will experience minor swelling and slight tenderness for up to three days afterwards.

For more information about our tattoo removal in Winchester services, be sure to get in touch with our professional team today.


Why should you choose Clinique Allure?

When you’re considering investing in Winchester tattoo removal services, it pays to choose a clinic that puts your interests first. We are leading private clinic specialising in providing cutting-edge aesthetic treatments ranging from skin rejuvenation and lip enhancements to medical micropigmentation. All treatments are carried out in a sterile environment by our fully qualified and licensed practitioner.

Here at Clinique Allure, we ensure that our patients are treated equally and receive the same exemplary care regardless of age, ethnicity or gender. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of hygiene, and our team are all in possession of industry-approved qualifications. Finally, we are proud to use Biotek Arte and Cosmedic Pigments which are leading hypoallergenic pigments that meet European medical, safety and licensing standards.

So, whatever procedure you are planning to undertake, make sure you choose the very best by calling Clinique Allure.


 “I’m massively impressed, the results are incredible! I’ve had 4 treatments so far and my tattoo is fading away fast!”

Dave Cummings


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