Scar Camouflage

Skin Confidence

A scar is the result from the biological process of wound repair in the skin following injury. Scars are most commonly the result of accidents, surgical procedures, diseases, burns and skin grafts and vary greatly in appearance, size and positioning. Often scars resulting from any of these events have the potential to impose a negative impact both emotionally and physically. Scar camouflage micro-pigmentation is an ideal solution for those individuals who are affected by the appearance of scaring upon their face or body, as it successfully camouflages and conceals the noticeability of the scaring, in turn aiding in restoring and regaining inner confidence.

Scar Camouflage Micro-pigmentation is the unique use of medical grade pigments being infused into scarred tissue using specialised medical tattooing techniques to diminish it’s prominance and noticeability. The pigments used are individually custom blended to perfectly match the surrounding skin in tone, texture and general appearance so as to effectively camouflage the visible scar.

This procedure also has the added benefit of, a Micro-Needling Treatment (MCA) with the pigment implantation. This stimulates the body’s natural healing process thus improving the natural texture and flexibility of the scar.

(Please view ‘MCA’ section for more details upon this subject)


Scar Camouflage Medical Micro-Pigmentation is suitable for those individuals with scars that are;

  • Fully healed
  • At least 1 year old
  • Not showing any redness or pinkness
  • Paler than the surrounding non-scared skin tissue
  • Not noticeably sunken


Prior to treatments a comprehensive consultation will take place which includes the completion of a medical history assessment questionnaire, essential for determining treatment suitability, along with product patch testing. A thorough discussion of the client’s requirements and expectations will be established in order to determine the best treatment solution.

During the consultation the Scar Camouflage pigment colours will be determined with equal input from both the client and practitioner, taking into careful consideration the natural skins colouring, tone and texture. If required a microscopic ‘colour match’ test upon the scar tissue can be undertaken to assess the development of the pigment over a month, to provide a realistic impression of how the effect will look long term. Only when the client is completely satisfied and confident with these choices will the treatment commence.

Please note:

  • It is vital that the skin is not sun tanned at the time of scar camouflage treatment. The implanted skin shade needs to be correctly colour-matched to the natural colour of the skin to avoid any colour changes once the sun tan has faded
  • Sun tanning following scar camouflage treatment is not advisable as the treated area will not tan as the surrounding skin will, it will remain the natural re-pigmented skin colour

Treatment Plan

The treatment process will require multiple appointment sessions to reach the desired result. The number of sessions required is entirely dependent upon the scar size, nature and location of the area being treated, and upon the client’s circumstances and requirements.

The first appointment will consist of the consultation and the treatment procedure. The following appointments will be repeat, perfecting sessions of the initial treatment procedure. The full treatment requires multiple treatment sessions in order to carefully layer the pigments into the skin so as to achieve maximum retention of colour and shape.

A work of art cannot be rushed! Treatment durations vary depending upon how advanced or detailed the required results are. The priority is to achieve the best possible result, and to do this it is necessary to allow sufficient time to complete the procedure. Please allow up to 2 – 4 hours for your initial medical micro-pigmentation treatment appointment.

The treated area must be allowed to heal for 6 – 8 weeks following treatment before subsequent treatments.

Treatment price will be provided at consultation and charged per treatment session.

Following Treatment

Normal activities may be resumed immediately following the procedure. There will be slight tenderness, swelling and redness to the treated area which will generally subside within 72 hours.

The intensity of the colour will be significantly darker immediately following the procedure. This will reduce and soften during the healing process to deliver a more subtle, natural look.

The healing duration will take approximately 5 – 10 days, during this time some fine crusting will occur which will naturally flake away during the healing period. It is crucial to the final results of the medical enhancement that this crusting is not touched or removed prematurely whilst healing and that the additional aftercare guidelines are adhered to for sufficient healing and to avoid any post treatment complications.

Full aftercare instructions will be provided both verbally and in hard copy following the procedure, together with an aftercare healing balm.

The longevity of medical micro-pigmentation is variable from person to person based upon factors such as skin type, age and general lifestyle. It is recommended that medical enhancements be periodically maintained in the form of a ‘colour-boost’ re-touch to keep them looking fresh and at their optimum shape and colour. Generally, colour-boosts are recommended for every 12 – 18 months following the initial procedure.