Permanent Cosmetics

Perfect your natural beauty

Permanent cosmetics allow you to improve, correct and enhance your natural beauty by imitating perfectly applied make-up. Whether it is to define your features, create uniform and symmetry, add fullness and colour, it provides long-lasting and effortlessly realistic results for the lips, eyes and eyebrows.

By successfully adding colour and redefining the facial features it is possible to create the illusion of youthfulness and restore ones natural, aesthetic beauty. It can be applied with a soft, natural-looking finish or with the purpose of replacing make-up for a more striking appearance.

Permanent cosmetics can be truly liberating and are ideal for those of us who lead busy, active lifestyles. It eradicates the need to apply and retouch your makeup throughout the day saving both time and money.

Clinique Allure is committed to creating bespoke, lasting, natural make-up effects that meet the requirements and desires of clients.


Prior to treatments a comprehensive consultation will take place which includes the completion of a medical history assessment questionnaire, essential for determining treatment suitability, along with product patch testing. A thorough discussion of the client’s requirements and expectations will be established in order to determine the best treatment solution.

Treatment Suitability

Permanent cosmetic enhancements are the ideal solution for those individuals who;

  • Suffer from complete or partial hair loss due to ageing or illness
  • Have conditions such as Alopecia, Hypothyroidism, or Trichotillomania
  • Have allergies or sensitivities to conventional make-up
  • Are visually impaired
  • Wear contact lenses or glasses
  • Have mobility restrictions, arthritis or dexterity
  • Have poor make-up application skills
  • Are dissatisfied with the natural feature shape, size or appearance
  • Require feature definition and symmetry
  • Are athletic people who swim or play sports
  • Lead busy, active lifestyles
  • Desire a smudge, smear, bleed proof cosmetic enhancement

With the wide variety of pigment colour options available at Clinique Allure, the perfect colour can be selected or tailor made by custom blending to suit client requirements, complementing natural skin and hair tones and successfully accentuating natural radiance.