Our Advice

Our Advice When Choosing A Micro-Pigmentation Practitioner

With the tremendous, recent growth in the popularity of permanent cosmetics, now more than ever before clients are visiting Clinique Allure for ‘correction work’ for permanent enhancements that have been carried out elsewhere. In particular, most commonly, eyebrow enhancements. If correctional work is a possible option it can be a lengthy commitment, which can not only be physically uncomfortable but also financially costly for the client.

It is imperative that clients seeking these treatments do adequate research and choose a reputable, qualified professional to carry out the procedure, as choosing wisely at the very beginning can minimise the risks that permanent cosmetics carry if performed by inferior and less experienced technicians. There are a select few professions where technical expertise, artistry and application of theory rank as equally important.

So please note:

  • Seek a reputable practitioner that is fully capable, certified, licensed and insured
  • Avoid the ‘bargain deals!’, do not be tempted to cut corners when it comes to your physical appearance and health. If something sounds too good to be true, more often than not it is!
  • The use of substandard pigments, inferior equipment and inadequate hygiene standards can have detrimental lasting effects!