Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Fading Away Discontentment

Tattoos have become much more commonplace in recent years and as a result tattoo removal procedures have followed in popularity. At times the process of selecting a tattoo removal procedure can be a lot more daunting than the selection of a tattoo artist or design.

Clinique Allure offers two popular types of non-laser tattoo removal treatments that utilise similar methods used for the original tattoo: the E-Raze Rejuvi Removal system, and Salt and Saline removal method. Both treatments are highly effective for successfully fading-out and removing unwanted permanent ink tattoos and semi-permanent cosmetics from the face and body.

Inevitably, it is a lot easier to have an initial tattoo than it is to remove an unwanted one. Tattoo removal, in any form other than surgical, is not a ‘quick fix’, it is a process, with the possibility of being a lengthy one. The exact number of treatments needed to successfully fade out a tattoo either for correctional and cover-up purposes or in attempt of complete removal is variable from person to person. Variable factors including the unwanted tattoo condition, ink/pigment type, implantation method, depth and density of the residual ink and the client’s own skin type and lifestyle, are all determining factors affecting the process duration and ease of tattoo fading and removal.

Treatment Suitability

The ideal solution for those individuals requiring;

  • Removal of conventional tattoos
  • Fading of conventional tattoos for a cover-up tattoo
  • Removal of semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements
  • Fading of semi-permanent cosmetics for correctional / cover- up work


Prior to treatments a comprehensive consultation will take place which includes the completion of a medical history assessment questionnaire, essential for determining treatment suitability, along with product patch testing. A thorough discussion of the client’s requirements and expectations will be established in order to determine the best treatment solution.