Lip Enhancement Winchester


Are you looking for the most professional SPMU lip enhancement Winchester has to offer? Look no further than Clinique Allure. With over ten years of aesthetic beauty experience, and an array of qualifications and certifications, practitioner and founder Genna’s genuine passion for her profession guarantees a perfect outcome with every procedure. Contact Clinique Allure by calling 07516 459122 today.


Our Lip Enhancement in Winchester

At Clinique Allure, you’re guaranteed fabulous results with every procedure. Our private and comfortable clinic space offers state of the art, specialised aesthetic treatments from fully qualified and licensed practitioners for complete ease of mind. Using only premier quality equipment and products, Clinique Allure ensures the highest standards of hygiene and safety, as well as finest possible outcomes, for all of our clients.

At Clinique Allure, we offer permanent cosmetic lip enhancements to intensify the colour of the lips as well as to enhance or restore the correct natural lip shape. Depending on your specifications, our lip enhancements can be tailored to mimic natural lip colours, or in more striking colours to create a more defined makeup look. Using micro-pigmentation application, we can help to reverse the signs of ageing by giving our clients fuller, more defined lips.

Our Winchester lip enhancement treatments are suitable for people experiencing the following, and more:


Lip Enhancement Winchester

  • Have naturally thin or thinning lips due to ageing
  • Have naturally pale lips
  • Have loss of colour to the lips either through the ageing or illness
  • Have allergies or sensitivities to conventional makeup
  • Have cleft palate surgical scarring
  • Are visually impaired


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Before any treatment takes place, our highly-experienced practitioner will assess your suitability for our lip enhancement in Winchester. This includes a complete medical history assessment questionnaire, followed by patch testing to consider any possible allergic reactions.

We’ll then discuss all of your specific requirements to establish which treatment option is most suitable for you. During this consultation, we’ll create a template and choose the most suitable shades for your lip enhancement to provide a completely bespoke service. Our fully trained and licensed practitioner will take into account placement, shape, size and natural colouring and, only when you’re completely satisfied, treatment will commence.

We encourage our clients to bring along their favourite lip colour cosmetics that they usually use to get an idea of the effect you wish to achieve. To find out more about the most effective and professional lip enhancement Winchester has to offer, contact our friendly team today.

Treatment Plan

Our treatment plan is a three-part process, which is typically completed within two appointment sessions four to six weeks apart. The first session is usually a consultation and includes the initial treatment, with the second being a repeat perfecting session. These two courses are required to complete and carefully layer pigments over the skin to achieve the best shape and colour retention.

Treatment times will vary depending on the procedure taking place, as well as how detailed and advanced the required results are. However, we advise that you allow for two to four hours for your initial Winchester lip enhancement treatment to get the best from your session.

Following Treatment

After your treatment, you may experience slight tenderness, swelling and redness to the treated area, which typically subsides within twenty-four hours. However, you’ll be able to go about normal activities as usual immediately following the treatment. The colour of your lip enhancement may appear darker and more defined immediately following your treatment, but this will reduce during the healing process to allow for a more natural and subtle look.

Our highly-experienced and fully trained practitioner will provide you with fully detailed aftercare instructions, as well as an aftercare balm, to ensure your lip enhancement remains as effective as possible.


The best SPMU lip enhancement Winchester has to offer

At Clinique Allure, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest-quality cosmetic lip enhancement treatments from our fully trained and licensed practitioner. All treatments are safe, sterile and of the highest standard, and we cater to all ages, ethnicities and genders to ensure our high-quality service is available for all.

If you still need convincing that Clinique Allure offers the best SPMU lip enhancement in Winchester, have a read of some glowing testimonials from many of our happy clients. You can also view our gallery to get a glimpse of these treatments effective results, or read through our FAQ’s which may answer any questions you have.



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