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Rebalancing and restoring

Have the stresses of everyday life taken a toll on your skin? Are you trying to find a treatment that will rejuvenate your face and bring back your natural glow? Well, look no further than Clinique Allure. We provide dermX dermaplaning Southampton clients will benefit from. As an effective form of exfoliation, you’ll feel like a new person after this treatment. To book a consultation, give us a call on 07516 45 91 22.

Get Results with DermX Dermaplaning Southampton

Due to day-to-day hectic schedules it can be difficult to find time to give yourself some TLC. It is important, though, that we take care of ourselves, particularly our health. If you feel that your skin is in desperate need of a facial, well, let us here at Clinique Allure offer you something different. DermX dermaplaning Southampton is a mechanical exfoliation treatment that will rejuvenate your skin.

The process involves removing dead cells from the epidermis, and if you are self-conscious about having ‘peach fuzz’, then dermX dermaplaning Southampton clients, will remove the fine hairs. One of our trained and qualified professionals will carry out the treatment, using a surgical scalpel that is held at a 45-degree angle.

Rest assured that this is a safe procedure, and at the end of it, you should notice a difference. Our dermX dermaplaning Southampton treatment aims to give your face a smoother texture, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The exfoliation should leave you with a natural glow, eradicating all the signs of stress on your face.

When you undergo dermX dermaplaning Southampton, you should expect to see quick results, but to maintain your new-found glow, we recommend returning to Clinique Allure. Having monthly treatments is sure to keep your face rejuvenated for a longer period of time. Our professionals will discuss every option with you during your consultation.

Take Advantage of Our Skin Treatments

Here at Clinique Allure, we like to cater to all of our clients, meeting their specific needs and finding a solution to their body hang-ups. As well as dermX dermaplaning Southampton clients can benefit from a wide range of our skin treatments, including the following:

We provide plenty of permanent cosmetic treatments, but we also offer solutions to clients who suffer from skin conditions, such as vitiligo, or are seeking skin camouflage. Not only that, but we provide non-laser tattoo removal. So, if you require dermX dermaplaning Southampton or are considering micropigmentation, give us a call.

Why Choose Our Clinic for DermX Dermaplaning, Southampton Clients?

Here at Clinique Allure, we have worked hard to become a reputable company in the industry. We are a leading private clinic that provides an array of first-class treatments, all of which are carried out by our aesthetic artists. Rest assured that when you come to us for dermX dermaplaning in Southampton, the procedure will be carried out safely, adhering to all health and safety measures.

Our practitioner Genna is the face of our fantastic clinic, and as well as having all the relevant qualifications, she has a passion for this industry. From dermX dermaplaning, Southampton clients, to micropigmentation, Genna has brought her 10-year experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry to our clinic. We are not here to change you, we are here to make subtle enhancements to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

To enlist our help in rejuvenating your skin, then dermX dermaplaning, Southampton clients, is a fantastic option for you. Before any treatment is administered, we will arrange a full consultation with you. During this time, we will go through medical health forms and carry out allergy patch testing. We want our clients to be safe and comfortable before getting the green light.

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To book a consultation or to learn more about dermX dermaplaning, Southampton clients should get in touch today. You can reach us by calling 07516 45 91 22 or send an email to Alternatively, contact us by filling in our online form.