Henna Brow Sculpt

Perfection made possible

Eyebrow enhancing beauty treatments have become one of the most requested treatments in recent years and with ever increasing popularity so too grows the demand for treatment advancements in areas such as quality and sustainability. The latest development to take the eyebrow enhancing industry by storm is Henna Brows.

The ‘Henna Brow Sculpt’ treatment at Clinique Allure is a semi-permanent eyebrow design and define treatment which gives eyebrows desirable definition and identity.

The long lasting effects of natural henna are far more superior to that of conventional eyebrow tinting, staining not only the natural brow hair but the underlaying skin, creating the illusion of fuller brows via subtle vial of matte makeup effect colouring.

The Henna Brow Sculpt is an ideal introduction treatment for those clients who are considering micro-pigmentation enhancement (pmu). Clients are able to experience the effects of a more carefully designed, enhanced eyebrow before taking the next step toward a more permanent solution should they choose.

The brow henna systems used at Clinique Allure have been carefully selected for their superior product quality and each have a beautiful, diverse colour pallet which can be custom-blended to obtain the perfect colour match for each individual client.


The Henna Brow Sculpt is the ideal treatment for those individuals who;

  • Wish to enhance their natural eyebrow, colour, shape and definition
  • Wish to have low maintenance, defined brows for a special event, holiday or just for everyday wear
  • Are contemplating permanent cosmetic eyebrow enhancement
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • The depth and intensity of each colour can be individually tailored to suit each client’s desires
  • Henna loves Ombre-brows! Henna creates beautifully soft, seamless ombre effects for the eyebrows
  • In addition to tinting the natural eyebrow hairs, Henna Brow Sculpt nourishes, strengthens and protects which aids hair growth
  • The Henna used ranges from 88% to 100% natural and is made of the finest selected henna from India
  • The Henna is 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free, made in an ecologically minded company with a work-ethic focused on humans and nature
  • Henna Brow Sculpt contains none of the conventional eyebrow tinting treatment ingredients that are a common cause of skin sensitivity, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia
  • Beautifully sculpted, designed and defined eyebrows which can last up to 4 weeks depending on skin type
  • High performance, flawless finish


Prior to treatments a comprehensive consultation will take place which includes the completion of a medical history assessment questionnaire, essential for determining treatment suitability, along with product patch testing. A thorough discussion of the client’s requirements and expectations will be established in order to determine the best treatment solution.

During the consultation the eye enhancement template design and pigment colours will be determined with equal input from both client and the practitioner. Taking into careful consideration placement, shape, size and colouring. Only when the client is completely satisfied and confident with these choices will the treatment commence.

Treatment Plan

Henna Brow Sculpt is a comprehensive 6 step treatment which includes prepping and tying, symmetry mapping, sculpt designing, tinting and defining. Duration 45mins.

Following Treatment

Henna Brow Sculpt is a low maintenance treatment but not a no maintenance treatment. Full aftercare instructions will be provided verbally and in hard copy following the procedure to enable the client to prolong optimum longevity.